There has been more dirty laundry being floated around the final season of the swamp and in the practice facility at Montclair State University when it comes to both Head Coach Juan Carlos Osorio & Sporting Director Jeff Agoos. Michael Lewis of the New York Daily News has reported on his Big Apple Soccer Blog that there is a possibility that Juan Pablo Angel might not return to the club either thru the new coach or could make the decision on his own.

From a source that is close to the club told Michael Lewis that team captain Juan Pablo Angel is very unhappy with the state of the team and he may not return for next season. It is a real shame if he does leave on his own accord or if a new head coach might push him out, because within these past three seasons Angel has been one of the top three players in the history of this club from Giovanni Savarese to Clint Mathis and Angel himself. Brought over by Bruce Arena in 2007 from Aston Villa he broke the club record with nineteen goals in a season. He is a goal away from tying the record of Savarese with most career goals in the regular season & two goals away from tying Clint Mathis for most goals in all competitions. Angel has shown time after time that he is there to put away the big chances when someone gives him the service, or he can take down an opponent all by himself.

Michael Lewis has also found out that there has been some bickering between Agoos and Osorio on player acquisitions and apparently Agoos is on vacation right now since it looks like he isn’t that concerned that his job is on the line, or he knows it’s over and doesn’t care anymore what happens. When Osorio was asked about the rumors or the edict that came down he responded “I have no comment to make. I am probably blamed for all the decisions and it’s not been all of my decisions.”

Outside of Rojas, Pietravallo, Cichero, Carlos Johnson, & Alfredo Pacheco those are his signings to the club. While it was a great signing to bring in Macoumba Kandji & Matthew Mbuta, Mbuta hasn’t seen much time as he’s been shipped out on many loan deals with USL-2nd division sides and Kandji has been playing out of position as a wide offensive midfielder when he is a striker. That has been the problem with Osorio when he sets up his starting eleven.

Now that the rumors are becoming truth the internal finger pointing has begun and the news is coming out on what’s happening behind the scenes. Red Bull probably should’ve fired these two in the middle of this season, but in a way I can understand why they allowed them to stay till the end of the season. To shed this horrible season and leaving it in Giants Stadium & start fresh at Red Bull Arena. I also understand why the supporters didn’t like the way Red Bull handled this situation with their Sporting Director and Head Coach, but now they can rest assure these two will be leaving the club after October 24th.

Just as Osorio is being shown the door, there are already job offers being sent to him from Mexico & Europe if he decides to take any of them right away. But here is the thing that is intriguing with Agoos. Last season when there were problems with the club Osorio cancelled a family vacation to Disney World and he tried to solve the problems for the club, yet Agoos is on vacation and he doesn’t feel that he should try to fix these problems. Agoos should just forget trying to find a front office job and stick to being an analyst for matches on Satellite Radio like he did for XM during the 2006 World Cup.

I’m just hoping that when the 2010 season comes along that the club will bounce back and become a force just like they bounced back as the Metros in 2000 after a horrible 1999.