Champions League action is back starting 20:45 GMT today, I’m planning to catch first leg action of all Italian sides thank God for tape delay. Both Milans landed in Britain yesterday will take on Premiership sides Liverpool and Arsenal. The Inter Milan match at Anfield is a must see, will Liverpool continue to have troubles with the Milanese?

Other questions answered will be,

are Internationale the real deal in 2008, and can they overcome injury?

Will Liverpool salvage the season achieving Champions League glory or is the club headed for a complete overhaul, singing goodbye Ladies of Spain adiós Benitez?

Matches slated tomorrow include Arsenal vs. AC Milan at the Emirates, a venue with its share of casualties already, most especially for the Rossoneri.
Milan’s first and second choice keepers, Dida and Kalac, are missing from action. Dida has been absent from the Milan lineup a majority of the new year, and reinjured himself Saturday. His replacement Kalac dislocated the phalanx of his finger just days after.

Milan doubtful also include Kaka and Seedorf while the new Brazilian rookie Alexandre Pato is likely to start on the bench due to his ankle problem.

“We aren’t in top condition, but nobody is in Italy or Europe,” says Manager Ancelotti, “These games aren’t about the condition of the players, but about concentration and experience.”