Some footballers are never satisfied.  The first two that come to mind are Diego Maradona and Carlos Tevez.  Maradona never could settle in one location despite his enormous skill.  Carlos Tevez, while not as great, is similar in that he is never content.

Like the character of Jerry Seinfeld, Tevez seems to find (or create) problems where there are none.  The Argentinian striker must find something wrong with his current club, like Jerry does with his dates.  Diego Maradona had many disputes with club management in his day, while Tevez is apparently bored with the city of Manchester.

Carlos Tevez’s reasoning for demanding to leave Manchester City is flawed.  First, he claims he needs to be closer to his family.  Why can’t he move his family to England?  Tevez has been playing in the Premiership since 2006.  With his wage, there isn’t a place in the Greater Manchester area that is too expensive.

Rumors have been swirling around Tevez for months now.  Apparently, a deal sending Tevez to his former club Corinthians has been scrapped.  Inter Milan are still in the race.  A move to Milan will surely help Tevez reconnect with his wife and kids.

Tevez believes the grass is greener in Italy or Brazil.  The truth is that he will never be happy.  If Carlos moves to Brazil, I would expect him back in Europe in a season or two.  If Tevez chooses Inter, then he will be trashing the club, city, or weather in time.

The consensus opinion is that City are on the rise to glory.  Tevez helped build the current squad.  He is the captain of the team, and the best player.  Why would Carlos depart when Manchester City are ready to serious challenge for the Premier League and Champions League?  City are a team with unlimited funds and unlimited ambitions… a footballer’s dream.

Despite their highly-paid employees, Manchester City will have trouble when Tevez finally leaves.  The Argentinean striker leads by example on the pitch, showcasing his great work-rate.  He is a great example for the youth players.  If you had eleven Carlos Tevezes on your team, then there would be little room for your opponents.

But Tevez will inevitably go.  He will say that it is for his family, or the weather, or whatever else he dreams up.  The real reason is simply because he is experiencing boredom.  Everyone knows that guy (or girl).  He is the one who purchases the latest gadget, only to grow tired of it in a month, and then look for the next big thing.  Or, maybe more appropriately, the new Premier League fan who vows to follow their club through the thick and thin, and then forgets all about it once the NFL or MLB season gets underway.

Similar to Seinfeld or Maradona, Tevez is always looking for a new start (shirt?), or finding a fault with the current climate.  We have not witnessed the last of Carlos Tevez in Europe, or possibly even the Premier League.