Founder/Editor of Howler magazine, George Quraishi, recently traveled to Greece to learn about the tumultuous world of Greek football and the complex but storied rivalries between clubs such as Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, as well as Aris and PAOK.

Quraishi also continues his journey to Greece and dives deeper into the corruption and financial difficulties of Greek football.

Watch the very enlightening three part series below:

The Derby of the Eternal Enemies – Olympiacos v. Panathinaikos | the Football Vagabond, Ep. 1

Love & Money | the Football Vagabond, Ep. 2

Saloniki – Aris & PAOK | the Football Vagabond, Ep. 3

H/T Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Kris for bringing this series to my attention.