Jaroslav Drobny (HBS)
13 saves! This is what it takes to stop Bayer. Fantastic effort by the Czech puts him above Lehmann and Rost, who were both impressive as well.

Pedro Geromel (Köln)
This is the second straight week for Brazilian. He had a fantastic game neutralizing Rob Freund and he had a goal-line clearance that preserved the win.

Andreas Ibertsberger (Hoffenheim)
Speaking of goal-line clearances, he had one against Eintracht that was better than even Träsch’s goal. Oh and these new boys can defend too.

Tim Sebastian (KSC)
Both he and Franz were excellent in their victory over Bielefeld, but I thought he got stuck in at important times.

Zé Roberto (BM)
He clears a ball off the line with his hand, he scores three goals against Lyon and Bochum, and now he wants to leave for the MLS? Bad news for Bayern, who showed frailty when he left the pitch on the weekend.

Sami Khedira (Stuttgart)
Playing as the AM, as Veh tries to figure out his best midfield, he might have won the role as he was massively impressive in the first half and scored a great goal.

Marko Marin (Gladbach)
Yeah, things suck at Mönchengladbach right now, but not for his lack of effort against. Especially against Köln.

Josué (Wolfsburg)
It took him time to get established in the draw with Schalke, but once he did, he locked down the midfield. It was his defense-splitting pass to Caiuby that created the 2nd goal.

Christian Träsch (Stuttgart)
His amazing pass to free Hilbert for the third was overshadowed by his blast on a cleared corner from the edge of the area for the second. In his second match for the Swabians he gave a new shape to the midfield that showed start contrast with last week’s disorganization against Dortmund.

Kevin Kuranyi (Schalke)
Well it’s about damn time.

Demba Ba (Hoffenheim)
His two goals against Eintracht reminds us all of why Ibesevic isn’t the only forward for the Hoffe.

Clearances of the Week
While Ibertsberger is obvious, his teammate Andreas Beck must have saved three shots on goal before clearing earlier in the match.

Assist of the Week
Manuel Neuer’s incredibly accurate mishit to Kuranyi to salvage a point at home.

Most Productive Eight Minutes of the Week
On in the 65′ and off in the 72′ due to Costa’s red, somehow Caiuby found time to score the go-ahead goal.

How to get your Manager Fired
You knew it was all going wrong, when Christofer Heimeroth pushed a shot by Köln wide, and then decided to admire the conditions of the pitch at Borussia Park, before remembering to go after the ball. Lukukay was done when Ehret beat the speedy keeper to the ball.