It’s finally happened. If you considered the term dead man walking, it’s now become dead men coaching and sport directing. This terrible and disgusting season for RBNY will end on the names of Jeff Agoos and Juan Carlos Osorio as Stefan Bondy of the Bergen Record has reported from Red Bull in Austria that these men won’t be brought back to fix this mess into next season and the first season of Red Bull Arena.

The supporters have been screaming and yelling for the ownership to get rid of both men that’s made this season into a house of horrors. With the exception of the return of Mike Petke and the strong draft picks of Jeremy Hall & Ryan Zimmerman who have proven to be strong players for the future of the club the acquisitions from last years summer transfer window up to this point of players from Central & South America haven’t worked out for the club. At the same time there are players who were brought in that have been playing out of position as well as players being sent out on loan to other clubs within the USL for playing time when MLS axed the Reserve League.

Here are the players that were brought in. Venezuelan Captain and midfielder Jorge Rojas & defender Gabriel Cichero, Argentine defensive midfielder Juan Pietravallo, Costa Rican defender Carlos Johnson, who’s had bad luck with Red Cards & injuries, El Salvadorian defender Alfredo Pacheco who had a great start and slowly started to lose his confidence & had a great Qualifying Round in the Champions League by forcing an own goal against W. Connection in Trinidad. Now Argentine Central Defender Walter Garcia has been signed without a trial. What this shows is that Jeff Agoos was desperate to bring in someone or anyone without a trial to fix this problem and sadly it’s not just keeping the ball out of the net it’s trying to put some goals in the net as well.

I have read many times from the different reporters who cover Red Bull NY and I have to say that I enjoy their company up in the press box of Giants Stadium that Osorio would rather spend the money from the club to bring in more central defenders. While that’s all well and good how about bringing in some players on the offensive side of the ball who can give service to Juan Pablo Angel, Macoumba Kandji & John Wolyniec so they can score some goals for the club and get them some wins on the record. Everything this season points out to the trading of Dutch midfielder Dave van den Bergh who was a big time player in the attack and crossing for Angel that has been gone since the start of the season.

As I reported about a couple of weeks ago, RBNY’s U-20 squad had a fabulous season in the USL’s Super 20 league going undefeated in ten matches with only a draw. They entered Group C of the tournament and won the whole thing. Some of those players that have been talked about like Walter Hines, Dilly Duka, Johnny Exhantus, Matt Kassel, Widner Saint Cyr, and many others who have been called up to their respective youth National Teams are the ones that the supporters are hungering for to come in and prove what they are worth. Just like the New York Yankees who have developed players in their minor league system like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, Andy Pettitte, Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes and an up & coming prospect in Centerfielder Austin Jackson for next season this is what RBNY supporters wanted both Agoos and Osorio to do.

When Kevin Goldthwaite received the ball inside his area against W. Connection at Giants Stadium in the second leg of the qualifying round of the CONCACAF Champions League and gave Andre Toussaint a gift of a go-ahead goal that’s when I joined the rest of the angry villagers and got my pitchfork to march against the current head coach and sporting director to get out of town. It wasn’t so much that I was giving Osorio any backing to stay, it was more for the club to advance into the group stage and try to salvage anything good they can get. Anything and everything good that happened last season has officially gone right down the drain & while it’s comforting to see that Red Bull has said at the end of the season both men are gone, finding a new head coach and sporting director will be a tough hunting expedition. All the different rules of acquiring players for the MLS club and the hard salary cap could make things very difficult for them, but hopefully they will find someone who will either understand these things, or going back to the drawing board again.