This week’s seven matches averaged less than 13,800, about 2,100 less than last year’s Week 7 matches.

A busy sports weekend to say the least; NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, Hattan/Pacquiao, and the Kentucky Derby.

The weather was OK. A bit chilly with rain at kickoff of the Toronto match, but that didn’t stop 20,000 from showing up and they were rewarded with the sun as the game wore on. A little cooler with showers in Denver, but the Rapids only drew a bit over 9,000. They never drew less than 10,000 in 2008. Speaking of the Rapids, Stan Kroenke is now the largest shareholder of Arsenal. As Max Bretos mentioned on his post game spot Saturday night, it would be good to see some young Arsenal players come over for playing time as Dallas is doing with its partner, Clube Athletico Paranaense of Brasil.

After Week 7 the numbers look like this…

Week 7 and Year to Date
2005 12,717 14,360
2006 12,580 16,069
2007 16,932 15,348
2008 15,508 16,059
2009 13,380 14,795

Perhaps the most disappointing showing of the weekend was the turnout for the Chicago/Seattle game. I know the Bulls’ and Blackhawks’ playoff runs were ongoing and the Cubbies were home, but even so with decent weather the Fire drew only 10,228.

Here are the attendance comparisons to 2008’s equal number of home games :

2008 2009 +/-
Chicago 15,642 10,881 -30.44%
ChivasUSA 12,882 14,839 +15.19%
Colorado Rapids 15,582 11,037 -29.17%
Columbus Crew 11,949 12,926 +8.18%
D.C. United 18,841 14,289 -24.16%
FC Dallas 13,186 9,747 -26.08%
Houston 18,395 16,085 -12.56%
KC Wizards 9,071 9,231 +1.76%
LA Galaxy 24,457 19,761 -19.20%
NE Revolution 9,713 10,213 +5.15%
N.Y./N.J. Red Bulls 12,740 10,424 -18.17%
Real Salt Lake 19,679 12,550 -36.23%
San Jose 17,958 11,028 -38.59%
Seattle 0 29,664 NA
Toronto 20,082 20,180 +0.49%

Sorry for the crummy formatting. Gotta figure out how to do that better.

If Beckham were still with the Gals, do you think the LA/RBNY match would have been moved up to be the Fox Soccer Channel match of the week? The two largest media markets in the country bypassed for a nationally televised match. They are scheduled to meet next on Thursday July 16, yes must be the ESPN game, just three days before the AC Milan/Galaxy friendly.

Is DC United back? With Jaime Moreno and Ben Olsen joined by rookies Wallace and Pontius, United tops the east with a game in hand.

Only Columbus remains winless, while Chicago is still without a loss, although they’ve drawn in 5 of their 7 matches. The Galaxy got their first win. Unlike last year when they nearly scored 2 goals a game and allowed more than 2 goals a game, this year’s Gals have both scored and allowed just 7 goals in 6 games this season.


Seattle beat Real Salt Lake 4-1 in their MLS Open Cup play-in match. Next up for the Sounders is Colorado, which eliminated Los Angeles in their Lamar Hunt US Open Cup play-in match.