Nowhere in the world does MLS face the sort of criticism for standard of play that it does in here in the United States. In this country we have many fans of the game who have become deeply affected by the international club game to the point they deem anything American as totally useless. Many of these same people have developed a line of thinking that renders any American player inferior to a foreign one which is precisely why I don’t want the MLS to continue its foreign player dependency because many of our coaches and managers in the United States are drilled in this inferiority complex.

Steve Morrow isn’t American and thus is free to give an honest and candid opinion about where MLS compares to the rest of the world. Our buddy Martin Rogers at Yahoo! Sports, penned this great piece about Morrow’s view of MLS vis a vis England. Morrow’s career while remembered for one standout Arsenal moment (scoring the winning goal in the League Cup final at Wembley) was generally spent in the lower divisions of English Football.

The league Morrow feels is at a stage where its best teams could survive an English Premier League season. I personally agree and think that every single MLS team would win the English Championship.  I am a fan of English Football, but when I watch the ChampionshipI see more bad giveaways, more defenders out of position and generally more bad football in one match than in an entire weekend of MLS. (However to be fair the Championship matches partly because of all the bad giveaways and defensive lapses are more exciting than MLS.) The Premier League I have often said is the most exciting league in the world with four of the world’s ten best clubs. But like some top heavy College Basketball conferences that get exposed in March, the Premier League isn’t the best league top to bottom in the world. That’s why English teams have such trouble in the second tier UEFA Cup and the national team in general isn’t competiting at the level its supporters and the British media expect.

Morrow’s point are all spot on and I welcome an advocate for MLS, like him with the credibility both home and abroad to sell the message that must be sold.