In a show of absolute tactical savvy, Juan Carlos Osorio the Chicago Manager outfoxed Tom Soehn and DC United despite United having an active home crowd and a superior club. It must be pointed out that Soehn made two huge mistakes in the past few weeks that created the environment for Chicago’s success.

1- Playing Jaime Moreno and Luciano Emilio in the final meaningless game against Columbus. United had already clinched the Supporters Shield and Columbus had been eliminated from playoff consideration.

2- Flipping Devin McTavish and Bobby Boswell three times as starters in the last two weeks. Each Chicago goal scored in the playoffs has been the responsibility of either McTavish or Boswell.

MLS Managers tend to not understand sophisticated tactics. The least they can do is get their team sheet right. That having been said DC United was hamstrung by some circumstances far beyond Tom Soehn’s control (but within the control of Don Garber and MLS bras) and we’ll elaborate far more on that tomorrow.