We recently reviewed EPL Fantasy Commissioner, a new online game that allows you to set up your fantasy football league just like they do in the NFL and other traditional American sports. But if you’re looking for a more traditional fantasy football game, FanXT also offers Fantasy English Premiership, a Premier League football manager game.

With Fantasy English Premiership, you have a budget of $130 million to buy the star players you want. You’ll earn points when your footballers play in EPL matches. And during the season, you can transfer players in and out with a team limit of four players in one week.

Throughout the season, you can earn medals and trophies when your team performs well. For example, you’ll receive a Gold Manager Commendation Medal when you earn 70 points or more during a span of four weeks in the season. There are 17 trophies and medals in all that you can try to win, which add another level of excitement while playing the game week-in week-out.

Another unique feature of Fantasy English Premiership is that you can receive a bonus budget to buy more expensive players when you invite your friends to play the game. For each friend who signs up for the free game, you’ll receive extra money for your player budget.

With Fantasy English Premiership, you can set up a private league if you want your friends or co-workers to play against you. Plus, on top of that, your private league can compete against other private leagues to see who’s the best of the best.

Some of the highlights of this fantasy football game are:

  • Detailed player graph analysis of players
  • Earn experience points as games progress
  • Ability to compete with other private leagues
  • Invite friends to join via Facebook

The Fantasy English Premiership and Prediction Game also give Premier League fans the chance to predict match scores. The best part: fans from around the world can play the game, which is available in four languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish.

Fantasy English Premiership is free to play. Sign up today to get pick your team in order to get ready for the new Premier League season. You could be the next Legendary Fantasy EPL Manager.