Just a quick note to let you know that National Public Radio (NPR) will be airing a segment regarding the Hillsborough Disaster and the misinformation that Steven Cohen has been presenting on its afternoon show, All Things Considered, which will be aired nationwide today (Friday) between 4-6pm ET.

NPR will undoubtedly try to share both sides of the story and will examine how a topic like this can ignite so much passion and controversy.

I was interviewed for 40 minutes on the topic, and shared my feelings regarding why I was compelled to write the two articles (here and here) about what Cohen said, my reaction to the grass-roots movement it created, why the story of the Hillsborough Disaster is so sensitive even 20 years after the tragic day, and more.

Doing interviews like these are difficult because when they’re done, you’re then at the mercy of the radio broadcaster as he and his team edit the piece together to make it a compelling story. That’s one reason why I enjoy the EPL Talk Podcast format where we tape 30-40 minute interviews and publish them un-cut so you get to hear the whole story and not just the soundbytes.

If you’re not near a radio this afternoon, you can listen to All Things Considered on the NPR website or you can download the clip now.

Thanks for your support.

UPDATE: The comments regarding the Steven Cohen controversy have been closed. It’s time to return the discussion to football.