People can tell you how a fine European sports car drives in the Autobahn, but you can never grasp what they are saying until you actually jump into the million-dollar Ferrari and go 180-miles per hour.  There was no other metaphor that I could use that could give any of you an idea as to what the experience was with these boots.  Once you put them on, you will understand the rage behind Nike Mercurial Vapor IV FG.

I, for one, am a person that is quite complicated when it comes to getting a new pair of boots.  I have bought everything from the classic boots (aka styles similar to the Adidas Copa Mundial) to the metal cleats (in order to play for rugby and football) and I was never able to find that comfort zone.   That is until I got a hold of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV FG.  These boots are at the vanguard of lightweight performance football boot. It has the complete package- it is Ferrari sleek and iPhone chic.  I am not saying putting on these boots will automatically put a person in the running for the FIFA World Player of the Year; just that there are small differences in the game.

What’s So Special?

People that play football always look at getting a boot where you can “feel” the ball.  This is key for those of you that are players that pass before you shoot.  Another unique factor is that top part of the boot has increased surface areas that cover the laces that offer additional ball contact area.  Additional ball contact area means better contact as well as better control.
The soft, supple TEIJIN synthetic leather adjusts to every curve and lining of the foot.  Regardless of how big or how particular your feet are, these boots will accommodate to it. One word to my wide-footed brethren…take some extra time to break in your Vapors.  I know I am kinda splitting hairs on this one, but if you have a wider foot (those of you who have one can relate) the shoe for the most part run loner and a bit on the narrow side, so when it comes time to order your boot try to look for a wide size (if available).  If you are one that prefers a roomier fit, try to order your normal size.  For those of you that like the snug fit, order a half size down.  You will see that the extra time you spent breaking them in will be quite worth it.
Whenever I play, I will be more on the defensive end of the pitch.  I will play at defensive midfield or as a back; sometimes I will come from the right.

“ Aww, come on… this shoe is not for a defender.”

It might be what you are all saying, but it accommodates them as well.
That’s why the Nike Vapor SL’s midsole become so important.   The stability that it offers is second to no other boot I have tried in my life.  The balance it offers in turn helps with acceleration.  The technology is in the shoes’ s revolutionary internal chassis.  The chassis is able to balance weight effectively and along with the contoured sock liner and its EVA inserts reduces stud pressure.

Overall it is a shoe marketed to the fast wingers or players that have that extra gear. Ok, you figured me out.  I confess, I am not one to be looked at and can be seen on a poster out-dribbling Cristiano Ronaldo.   But on the defensive side you have to have speed in order to cut angles, turn, and even break out on the attack.  Balance is key.  To be a defender (a good one, not just the guy that tries to break legs) and not have balance is like being at a bar with no music- it’s a losing proposition.

In future posts I will add more information as soon as I get it from the manufacturer or the distributors in order to be able to give you, the consumer, the most information possible in order to make the best decision for yourself.  Remember, the decision of buying your boots is one of the most fundamental when playing football, so why not have the most info when making such an important investment in your passion.

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