The TV ratings are in for the last round of Premier League games on ESPN2 and Fox Soccer Channel. For ESPN2, it’s a tale of two cities as they had an impressive number of viewers for the Tottenham against Sunderland game (259,831) but a very disappointing number of viewers for the Monday match between Liverpool and Birmingham City (182,138) — the second lowest viewing figure all season long on ESPN2. Both games on ESPN2 received a 0.2 rating.

Here are the top rated games on ESPN2 for this season thus far:

  1. Liverpool v Aston Villa, Mon., Aug. 24, 3 pm, 398,391 viewers
  2. Wigan v Man United, Sat., Aug. 22, 10 am, 374,799
  3. Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur, Sat., Oct. 31, 8:45 am, 325,187 viewers
  4. Manchester City v West Ham United, Mon., Sept. 28, 3pm, 293,600
  5. Portsmouth v Everton, Sat., Sept. 26, 7:45am, 270,927
  6. Bolton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur, Sat., Oct. 3, 10am, 265,508
  7. Tottenham v Sunderland, Sat., Nov. 7, 10am, 259,831
  8. Chelsea v Burnley, Sat., Aug. 29, 7:45 am, 253,934
  9. Liverpool v Burnley, Sat., Sept. 12, 10 am, 253,779
  10. Aston Villa v Manchester City, Mon., Oct. 5, 3 pm, 248,956
  11. Fulham v Hull City, Mon., Oct. 19, 3 pm, 209,207
  12. Aston Villa v Chelsea, Sat., Oct. 17, 7:45 am, 206,886
  13. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Aston Villa, Sat., Oct. 24, 7:45 am, 204,882
  14. Burnley v Sunderland, Sat., Sept. 19, 7:45 am, 199,380
  15. Liverpool v Birmingham City, Mon., Nov. 9, 3pm, 182,138
  16. Chelsea v Hull City, Sat., Aug. 15, 7:45 am, 164,485

As for Fox Soccer Channel, we have their TV ratings for the Chelsea versus Manchester United game which was played on Sunday, November 8th at 11am ET. The number of viewers for that game is as follows:

According to Nielsen Ratings, Fox Soccer Channel had 319,000 viewers watching the game which is their highest ever Premier League viewing audience on their channel and the second highest soccer game ever on Fox. The most number of viewers they’ve received is 369,000 for the Gold Cup final between USA and Mexico this past summer.

In the 18-34 male category, the Chelsea against Manchester United game had the highest ratings ever for Fox — higher than US versus Mexico. It had a 1.1 rating.

Competitively, the match was the #2 rated ad-supported cable program in the Sunday 11am-1pm ET time period behind NFL Countdown in the key male demos.