After two weeks of not playing a game due to Hurricane Irene and the international break, the New York Red Bulls got a fresh start this weekend with eight games remaining on their regular season schedule. Their opponent coming into Red Bull Arena was Vancouver Whitecaps.

Once again it looked like a slow start to the match and the Red Bulls paid for it with going down by a goal. In the 23rd minute, the Whitecaps went ahead when Camilo Sanvizzo crossed the ball into the area and a great goal from Davide Chiumiento gave them the lead.

It was a fantastic individual effort as Chiumiento chipped the ball to himself and did a quick spin. He struck it with his right foot and the ball flew into the top shelf of the net. It was just a great move that Bouna Coundoul had no chance to get. Once again the Red Bulls had to fight back after being down a goal at the half.

Juan Agudelo was subbed into the game in the second half and was able to equalize. Rafa Marquez was on the near side and crossed a fantastic ball into the area. Agudelo came into the box and swept in his sixth of the season to tie it at one.

After ninety minutes at Red Bull Arena once again it ended in another draw. Their fifthteenth of the season. While it’s getting to the point that the supporters are getting frustrated, this time all eyes were on referee Terry Vaughn as he looked pathetic for both sides.

The Whitecaps were called for a phantom foul in the 8th minute as the whistle blew before the ball was in the net. Rafa Marquez, with a bump to the back of Shea Salinas, was booked in the 31st minute, but a minute later the real booking should’ve been given as Marquez smacked Eric Hassle in the face with his left forearm.

Then Vaughn reduced the Red Bulls to ten men when Jan Gunnar Solli pulled Chiumiento down, with two defenders ahead of them and showed a straight red card. What looked to be a booking became a sending off. Twice the Whitecaps handled the ball and no call, but the real travesty from Terry Vaughn was in the 74th minute.

His indecision showed on a play where the Whitecaps thought they earned a corner, but Bouna Coundoul went after the ball and placed it on the near corner of the six yard box. No signal from Vaughn. Was it a corner kick or was it a goal kick? No one seemed to know and Vaughn allowed play to continue.

I have been told that Terry Vaughn is one of the better officials from US Soccer, but from what I saw tonight in this match was a complete disgrace of officiating from our referee.

I understand getting a point with seven games to go is terrible but to be honest, the way this game was called a point is a blessing in disguise.

Between the ninth and eleventh minute of tonight’s game everyone inside Red Bull Arena was waving American flags as they honored the tragedy of September 11th.