There is no doubt that football is the passion of billions.  In the US, these are starting to sprout all over the country.  Team like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Everton, Liverpool, Boca Juniors and other have groups of fans or penyas that bring help fans continue to follow their passion for the game and team they love.

It’s not Lilian Thuram… it’s LLT’s George Metellus showing off his colors.

Enjoying a nice-sized pint… and then some.

Rivals for two hours at least.

All Photos Courtesy of Penya Barcelonista de Miami.  To check out more pics, go to the penya’s website.  If not you can also check them out and join their Facebook group.

The Penya Barcelonista de Miami meets at the Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables.

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