adidas has unveiled the home kit for Japan that they’ll be wearing at FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The beautifully designed shirt features a blue color with red trim and white stripes. The shirt features a red splash of color across the back of the shoulders, as well as a unique design on the background of the front of the shirt.

According to adidas, “The concept of this brand new official home uniform for the Japan National Football Team is “ENJIN (i.e., the act of ‘going into a huddle’)”: the uniform is an expression of the strong determination as the players and the supporters realize that now is the time to unite as one and go into a huddle (“ENJIN”) to get ready for the battle ahead, to go all in for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and capture victory.”

On the left side of the chest, there are 11 lines spreading out from the emblem, expressing the way those players depart from the “ENJIN” to their respective positions on the pitch for the battle.

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