In 30 seconds, this is everything that’s wrong with FOX Sports. Even though the TV commercial below is focused on college football, it underlines what’s broken with FOX Sports, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Soccer. The sport should be the main focal point, not the announcer.

Titled “The Gus Johnson Effect: Everything’s more exciting,” the more appropriate title should be “The Gus Johnson Experiment: Everything that’s wrong with FOX Sports.”

No matter what sport is, if FOX Sports has to tell the story of how the announcer makes a difference between dreary days and excitement featuring some blonde chick and a unicorn, something has gone horribly wrong.

The focus of any TV ads to promote upcoming coverage should not mention the announcer as the main selling point. The same applies to the promos FOX Soccer has been running that are talking up this year’s UEFA Champions League Final “featuring Gus Johnson.” No matter if it’s Martin Tyler or Brian Moore brought back from the dead, the announcer should never ever be the main event. If it is, then there’s either something drastically wrong with the sport if it can’t sell itself.