While soccer fans throughout the United States are enjoying their Premier League soccer matches in glorious HD, Comcast subscribers such as myself and countless others have to watch the same games in SD. The picture quality in SD, especially on Fox Soccer Channel, is woeful at times. The sooner Comcast gets its act together, the better.

But how soon? There’s been no news for months regarding when Comcast may add not only Fox Soccer Channel in HD but also Fox Soccer Plus to its packages. So, for a little bit of fun, I thought I’d ask you — the readers — to guess when Comcast will finally get the message and flip the switch to add these two HD channels.

Post your guesses below including the date and year of when you think Comcast will add Fox Soccer Channel in HD and Fox Soccer Plus. Unfortunately Comcast works on a regional basis, so even if one area of the country gets it, it’s up to your local regional office whether they’ll add it too.

As for my guess when I’ll be able to get FSCHD and FS+, I’m going to say June 30, 2011. But let’s hope it’s much sooner!