The import business is not what it used to be. Over the years, I can’t even begin to imagine how much money I’ve spent on import records, CDs, magazines, newspapers, books and crisps from my mother country, the United Kingdom.

These days, the import business has lost its flavor. Most things Anglophile are available pretty readily in the United States. Even films, video games and music CDs are released around the same time in both the US and UK.

There are exceptions, though, and that includes a football documentary entitled The Art Of Football, which debuted in Europe in May 2006 but has finally crossed the Atlantic and is currently being aired in the United States courtesy of GolTV.

Hosted by John Cleese, the program dissects the artistic side of the beautiful game with plenty of classic game footage, comic relief from Cleese and some pretty profound statements by a host of celebrities including Bono, Ballack, Pele, Dave Stewart, Dennis Hopper and many others.

The Art Of Football examines soccer from A to Z. For example, in the episode I watched, Cleese and comedian Tom Konkle examined “J” for journalists, “K” for keepers and “L” for luck, all important elements of the beautiful game.

To find all episodes of The Art of Football, browse through GolTV’s TV schedule.