The tag of phenom can be taken off of former Barcelona youth player Giovanni Dos Santos.  After the hype that the Catalan media made about this kid being one of the stars of the future for the blaugrana, he ended up in London.  After the Mexican media anointed him as their savior, that title seemed to have lost its luster.   There was lots of excitement with him coming on to the pitch, but he along with many other Barcelona players faded into complete oblivion.
It´s a sad case that we are seeing develop, and this all came to a ¨climax¨ early in December when the British tabloids plastered a picture of a ¨plastered¨ Dos Santos at the Spurs Christmas party.  It was a mistake, it was unfortunate… but how many other players have been inebriated and done worse things.  I don´t want to sound like I am trying to defend or condemn anything anyone has done.
There is one big winner in all of this- Barcelona.  Spurs manager Harry Redknapp wants him gone and there are a couple of teams that could have him during the transfer window.  Gio has not been able to adapt to the Premiership but there are   Mexican side Chivas is getting ready to swoop in.  There is also the possibility of him making a move to Middlesbroughin order for the club to obtain more experienced Premier League players. The second offer for Dos Santos could have a little more substance and benefit to both sides.  In the end, sending the youngster to Mexico as there would be even more money coming in through that stream as compared to throwing him in as an add-on.

Regardless of who gets the former Mexican U-17 champ would mean ¨mo´money, mo´money¨ for the Catalans.  A stipulation in their contract with Spurs states that Barcelona would get 20% of the money earned if he were to leave the club within the first two years he was there.  That would go down to 10 if it were to occur after the aforementioned two years.
His not a case of numbers, it goes beyond that.  Gio is only 19 years old and in a span of four years he became from being The One to being Another One.   Hey, he’s only 19 and how many of us lacked common sense and did that type of stuff at that stage of our lives.  There was a much greater issue here.  But let’s let bygones be bygones and old news fade away.  His confidence went down exponentially from month to month.  He has only played in six matches this year, eight if you include the UEFA Cup.   It’s a case of these big clubs wanting so much from a teenager so quickly that anything they don’t do is looked down as either a lack of effort or a lack
Hey, at least he’s got two more starts than Carlos Vela.  This is why if a possible move to Chivas would be the best thing for him.   It would be a chance to get some home cooking and get his head on straight.   He is still young and he could get a chance at revenge.