Fox Soccer Channel and its parent company News Corp has signed a major deal with Nielsen Media Research that could have a big impact on what we see on the channel in the near future.

Nielsen will be conducting surveys to determine the viewing habits of people like you. They’re especially interested in learning about younger demographics and “communities of color.”

Although it doesn’t mention anything in the press release, the findings from the upcoming surveying will undoubtedly have a profound impact for Fox. They’ll be able to feature the highlights of the research findings in their media kits, which will help convince major advertisers why they should pay to reach viewers like you. No more Enzyte commercials in the future, maybe?

For example, in the above link we learn that (after having research conducted by Nielsen) Fox Soccer Channel viewers have found that “average viewers have a household income in excess of $75,000, watch soccer several times a week and are either active participants or have someone in the household who is. Most are active consumers and brand loyal in professional or managerial occupations.”

Does that sound like you?

A couple of years ago I was asked by Nielsen to write down my viewing habits in a little black book. Almost every entry was for Fox Soccer Channel. A couple of months later, I read a story about how FSC ratings soared during this period. Coincidence or not? Of course, one person can’t skew the overall numbers.