Fox Soccer Channel has canceled Soccer Talk Live, its weekly talk show featuring host Kyle Martino. The show debuted in August and lasted less than three months before the network decided to pull the plug.

“I’m thankful for everybody who helped bring Soccer Talk Live from concept to reality,” said Fox Soccer Channel’s General Manager David Nathanson. “Fox Soccer Channel has canceled the show as we look for new ways to maximize ratings and audience engagement. We plan to continue featuring Kyle Martino – a true rising star in sports broadcasting – within future Fox Soccer Channel productions.”

Martino, on his Twitter account, mentioned that “Yes, we are taking [Soccer Talk Live] off the air. We [are] going to use the experience along with your suggestions to create a better show.”

No news yet on when the new show will launch or how it’ll be different.

Soccer Talk Live will be remembered for plenty of highs and lows. Some of the highs included a great interview with Joe Scarborough of MSNBC about his passion for Liverpool, a candid interview with Landon Donovan and an interesting discussion with NFL player (and soccer fan) Chad Ochocinco. The lows, and boy there were many of them, included Temryss Lane’s segments, Cobi Jones being too politically correct, Martino’s pronunciation of Sampdoria, sidekick Brendan Hunt adding little to nothing to the show and Susan Sarandon knowing nothing about soccer.

What about you? What will be your lasting memories (good or bad) of Soccer Talk Live?