Okay traditional football fans, I need your feedback. If you’re very observant or perhaps a Newcastle fan, did you notice in yesterday’s Everton match at St. James’s Park that there was a “Fox Soccer Channel” advertising board behind the goal when Ameobi “beat” the offside trap and scored that cheeky goal for Newcastle?

It’s not easy to see, but if you go back and watch the match, you may notice it. This is the first time I’ve noticed it, so the advertising signboard may have been there much longer. Or has it?

Why FSC decided to advertise and why at St. James’s Park, I’m not sure. The majority of Geordies would have no idea what it is, but the TV viewers at home (throughout North America, the Middle East and now Jamaica) would — but they’re probably subscribing to Fox Soccer Channel already.

Editor’s Note: I contacted Fox Soccer Channel to find out more information, and here’s their answer. They’ve been adding signage at EPL games so FSC viewers like you and me would get excited about seeing it during matches. Last year they had board graphics at St James’ Park and the City of Manchester Stadium. This year, Fox has entered a deal whereby they can have signage at two spots per game at St James’ Park, Bolton’s Reebok Stadium and Blackburn’s Ewood Park. These were chosen based on matches that will be aired for North American viewers.