The EPL Talk Euro 2008 Fantasy Football League ended in 46th place in the Best Leagues standing with an average score of 268.2. As far as we can tell, we ended up in first place among the private leagues originating from the United States. Here are the top 10 winners. First placed Luis Arias wins a Euro 2008 jersey of his choice. Congratulations.
  1. Steddy2000, Luis Arias, 334 points
  2. Scursed, Saullus Valasinas, 321
  3. UDontNoWhatY:DoinFC, Pat Pence, 310
  4. Riverdale FC, James Dutra, 308
  5. The Man Moths, Jude Eichas, 304
  6. Alpine Wanderers, MT, 298
  7. Foolish FC, Mark Aegerter, 297
  8. Walker’s Old Boys, Kevin Walker, 291
  9. Winning 11, Leonard Vitarana, 291
  10. Athleague FC, Little Rudiger Connaughton, 290.

Be sure to check back with EPL Talk this summer when we announce the launch of the EPL Talk private league for the 2008/2009 season.