After the original date of the first match was postponed due to intense protests in Catalonia, El Clásico will be played on Wednesday. Barcelona versus Real Madrid may be the most popular rivalry in the world of soccer but there are other Clásicos in the Americas where the games are just as fierce and the animosity amongst the fans are second to none.

– River Plate vs. Boca Juniors (Superliga Argentina)
The ‘SuperClásico’ between the Bueno Aires clubs reached its height last year when the teams faced each other in the Copa Libertadores final, the South American equivalent to the Champions League. 2018 was the last year the tournament’s final was two legs and the first leg resulted in a 2-2 draw. River Plate were supposed to host the second tie, but Boca Juniors’ team bus was attacked en route to the match. Because of this incident, the match was postponed and had to be played at the Santiago Bernabeu in Spain. River Plate ended up winning 3-1 in extra time.
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– Barcelona Sporting Club vs. Emelec (Ecuadorian League)
‘El Clásico del Astillero’ is the most fervent derby in Ecuador. The contest reached its lowest points in middle of the last decade. On April 30, 2006, Emelec were dominating Barcelona 3-0 at home. Around the 50th minute, Barcelona fans were so disgusted by their team’s performance that they decided vandalize Emelec’s stadium. They even got in the press area and started to assault journalists and damage the press room. 40 people were wounded and nine were arrested. The following year, Carlos Cendeno Veliz, an 11-year-old Emelec fan, was killed by a flare that was shot from a section where Barcelona fans were. This rivalry displays what happens when people take sports too seriously.
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– Nacional vs. Penarol (Uruguayan League)
The Uruguayan ‘Clásico’ began in 1900, making it one of the oldest rivalries in the world. The clubs are by far the most successful sides in their nation with Penarol winning 50 league titles and Nacional winning 47. The next closest are four teams who have each won four league titles. The rivalry isn’t just on the pitch but also in the stands. In 2011, during a Copa Libertadores match against Argentina’s Independiente, Penarol fans unfurled a flag that was 15,000 square meters wide and covered nearly two stands to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the club. The flag was deemed to be the largest in world history. Two years later, Nacional broke their record with a flag in a Copa Libertadores match against Mexican club Toluca.
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– Palmeiras vs. Santos (Brazil)
The ‘Classico da Saudade’ is between the most successful clubs in the history of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A league. The clubs first met in 1916 and Palmeiras won 4-0 over Santos. The Big Green continued to dominate the rivalry until the ‘Os Santasticos’ era of Santos which was led by Pele from 1956-1974. Palmeiras started to take ownership in the contest again but the Peixe led by Robinho in the beginning of the 21st century and later by Neymar in the early part of this decade made the rivalry more entertaining.
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– Alianza Lima vs. Universitario (Peruvian League)
‘El Clásico de los Clásicos del Futbol Peruano’ is a clash between two clubs based in Lima, Peru. This matchup has caused a lot of intense moments on and off the pitch for 91 years. The trademark of the rivalry is that Alianza Lima and Universitario have faced each other in plenty of finals. The first was in 1928 when the teams had to play two matches before Alianza Lima was crowded champion and the most recent was in 2009 in the Torneo Descentralizado finals. On this occasion, Universitario won both legs to end an eight-year title drought.
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– Club Bolivar vs. The Strongest (Bolivian League)
‘Clásico Paceno’ is the biggest derby in Bolivia between the most popular clubs in the nation who are both based in La Paz. The Strongest was founded first in 1908 but the most successful club in their country is Club Bolivar who started in 1925. The battle has had some high scoring affairs. In April 1978, Bolivar won 6-3 and the next year won 6-0. In December 2004, The Strongest got their revenge when they won 7-0 and the result remains the largest victory in the history of the rivalry.
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– Club Universidad de Chile vs. Colo Colo (Chilean League)
‘El SuperClásico Chileno’ is between the two most dominant clubs in Chile. Between them, the teams have won almost half of the nation’s league titles since professional era started in 1933. Colo Colo has won 32 league titles and Club Universidad de Chile have won 18. Colo Colo is also the only Chilean side to win the Copa Libertadores which happened in 1991. Modern Chilean icons Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal are former Colo Colo players.
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– Gremio vs. Internacional (Brazil)
‘Grenal’ is the nickname of the matchup between Gremio and Internacional. The Porto Alegre clubs first faced each other in 1909. Gremio won by the astonishing score of 10-0. Since then, the clash became a lot more competitive. The “Grenal of the Century” took place in 1989. In the matchup, there was a place in the Campeonato Brasileiro final and Copa Libertadores at stake. Internacional were down 1-0 and had 10 men on the field after a red card and still came back to win 2-1.
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– Flamengo vs. Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
‘Clássico dos Milhões’ features the biggest teams in Rio de Janeiro. Both franchises started as rowing clubs and were already adversaries. The rivalry was intensified when the sides became soccer teams. The rivalry hit a rough patch the last decade as both clubs struggled with financial issues, but this decade has seen both teams get out of that situation. Many Brazilian legends like Leonidas, Zico, Bebeto, Romario and Ronaldinho have participated in this derby.
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– Liga de Quito vs. S.D. Aucas (Ecuadorian League)
‘Superclásico de Quito’ is between two clubs in the nation’s capital of Quito. 1945 was the first year the teams faced each other. The encounter began with dire consequences. Liga de Quito finished last in the top divison and S.D. Aucas finished first in the second division. Whoever won the matchup would be in the first division the next season. Because of a controversial decision by the referee in the second leg, both teams were allowed to be in the first division, but the rivalry was born.
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– Palmeiras vs. Corinthians (Brazil)
The Paulista derby is between two of the oldest clubs in Sao Paulo that are still active. The matchup throughout history has decided regional, state and national titles. The teams have also faced each other in the quarterfinal and semifinal of the Copa Libertadores. No other rivalry in Brazil has had as many major trophies on the line when they played.
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– Millonarios vs. Santa Fe (Colombian League)
‘El Clásico Bogotano’ is an intense showdown between two teams in Bogota, Columbia that share the same stadium. The clubs also share the honor of being the only teams that have not been relegated since the nation’s first division was created in 1948. Millonarios is more successful out of the two sides by winning 15 league titles compared to nine for Santa Fe. While being behind in league titles, the Cardinals have won Copa Sudamericana, the South American equivalent to the Europa League, while their rivals have yet to win a continental title.
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– Flamengo vs. Fluminense (Brazil)
‘Fla-Flu’ began in 1912. But the rivalry started the previous year when a crew of disgruntled players left Fluminense to go to Flamengo who at the time did not have a soccer team. The most famous match in this rivalry occurred in 1995 Campeonato Carioca final stage match which was played at the Maracana stadium. Fluminense won the entertaining match 3-2 and won the title by one point over Flamengo who were celebrating their 100th anniversary.
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– Club América vs. Chivas (Mexico)
When it comes to the biggest game in North America, nothing compares to Club América versus Guadalajara where the two top teams in Mexico battle each other in El Super Clásico. Both teams are the two most successful Mexican football clubs in terms of championships, with América winning 13 league titles and Guadalajara trailing them with 12. They are also known for their extensive fan bases throughout Mexico and the United States, and are both considered the most popular teams.
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