DirecTV has threatened to remove FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus from its programming by November 1st if the satellite provider is unable to make a deal with FOX.

According to DirecTV, NewsCorp (the parent company of FOX) is demanding that DirecTV pay a 40% increase to show FOX sports channels which include FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, SPEED and more. FOX, meanwhile, issued their own statement:

“We have proposed to keep the Fox Networks on DirecTV for the same price, and on the same terms as they are currently carried while we attempt to work out a fair agreement. Unfortunately, DirecTV has decided that unless they get their way, they are going to pull the plug on their customers November 1.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of these type of tactics. TV networks and cable/satellite providers have been airing their dirty laundry in public quite often recently, to make sure the public knows about these spats.

We’ve seen this story played out so many times before (with different cable and satellite providers, and different networks). Both FOX and DirecTV will argue publicly for the next 10 days. They’ll use scare tactics to get the public concerned. And then at the eleventh hour, a compromise will be reached or an extension will be granted, thus saving all of the DirecTV customers from losing the programming.

While it’s a concern for soccer fans, they’ll figure out a deal. Wake me up when it’s over.