Who isn’t into Facebook these days?

We all have a Facebook profile and to many it is the best way to let people how you feel and what you’re doing.

Sometimes that’s a good thing… sometimes it’s not.

Italian international and Juventus idol Alessandro del Piero is fed up with the social networking site- and he doesn’t have a profile.  Despite this, he and his brother and agent, Stefano,  are getting together with a team of lawyers in order to sue Facebook for defamation as well as protect the player’s image.

According to Del Piero there is a fake profile circulating  with Nazi links and have pictures of him alongside them.  Il Pinturicchio has expressed his complete repudiation towards the Nazi ideals and is looking to bury the hatchet on this issue that has been affecting the Juventus star since this past Tuesday.   He will also do whatever he can in order to save his reputation.