While most of the attention regarding the Champions League TV coverage in the United States for the 2009-2012 seasons has been focused on Fox Soccer Channel, Setanta Sports has an important part to play

In the United States, Setanta Sports will have two games each week during the group stages as well as the exclusive broadband rights on its new rebranded broadband product entitled Setanta i, to replace Setanta by Broadband.

In an exclusive interview with Shane O’Rourke, president of North American operations for Setanta Sports, we can reveal more details about the Setanta agreement with UEFA:

  • Setanta will televise roughly two games per round that will be shown live or slightly delayed,
  • Setanta will have the second choice game one day (i.e. Tuesday) and then third choice on alternate day (i.e. Wednesday); Fox will get first choice both days,
  • One game per round will be shown on Setanta Premium — this will be in addition to the approximately two games per round that Setanta Sports will show,
  • Setanta will broadcast the review and preview shows of the Champions League from UEFA,
  • Customers of Setanta by Broadband (soon to be rebranded Setanta i) will be charged extra for Champions League games,
  • In Canada, Setanta gets the second choice game (after Rogers Sportsnet) and one quarter-final live, and all other big Champions League fixtures delayed.

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