The Bremen Fans have something creative planned for tonight

Werder Bremen Fans are planning the biggest Choreo Show ever for the UEFA Cup game against AC Milan. The millions in front of the TV and the sold out Weserstadium crowd will get the opportunity to see an impressive display against Racism.

A huge portion of the show will be done with the hard work of the Antidiskriminierungs-AG (Antidiscrimination AG) of the Werder-Fans. The Antidiskriminierungs-AG was founded in March 2008 by Werder-Fans and the Fanprojekt Bremen and has worked since then to educate about Right Wing extremism, Racism, Anti Semitism, Sexism and Homophobia in Soccer. The goal of the group is to help end discrimination amongst the fans and to end Rightwing influence among some of the Fan Scene.

Working Night and Day

“The Show will cover the entire Ostkurve from the top to the bottom. Approximately 20 people have worked on this every day and sometimes through the night”, said Thomas Hafke from the Bremer Fanprojekt.
The exact motifs of the Show will remain a surprise until game time. “Of course we thought about the timing: We have an international match and many foreign Fans are visiting us, so the motto will have an international theme” said Hafke.

Translators for Italian Fans

Besides the Choreo show the Bremer Fanprojekt has also planned to host more events. The AC Milan fans will be invited to a German-Italian Fan Fest in the Ostkurvensaal (one of the meeting halls in the Stadium) with Music, cold and warm drinks, Snacks and Italian Food.

To assist the communication among the Fans the Fanprojekt Bremen will again use translators who are going to assist the Italian Fans at the gates as well. During the game they will be available to answer any questions from the Tifosi in the visitor area of the Weser-Stadium. The invitation to the fans of AC Milan has the motto “Soccer fans against Racism”.

Here is the invitation that was sent to the Italian Fans:


Cari tifosi del AC Milan!

Il “Progetto-Tifosi Brema” v’invita cordialmente a un festino
con tifosi tedeschi nella “sala curva est” (OstKurvenSaal) del
Weser Stadio.

Con bibite fresche, ottima cucina italiana e buona musica,
avete la possibilita di conoscere i tifosi del Werder Brema.
La “sala curva est” (OstKurvenSaal) è aperta per voi e per i
tifosi del Werder dalle diciasette e trenta del pomeriggio.

Siete benvenuti! Vi auguriamo buon viaggio e una piacevole
serata. Vi salutiamo cordialmente. Il “Progetto-Tifosi Brema”

Team supports the Antidiskriminierungs-AG

Among the biggest supporters of the work of the Antidiskriminierungs-AG is the Chief Operating Officer of SV Werder Klaus-Dieter Fischer. “We are very happy that Mr. Fischer supports the project one hundred percent, and the cooperation of the entire club is enormous”, said Hafke, and added that all the Players support the effort as well.

The Antidiskriminierungs-AG already produced T-Shirts with the slogan “Weser-Stadion oder sonst wo – Kein Platz für Nazis!” (Weser Stadium or anywhere else – No place for Nazis!). All of the players from the Bundesliga-Team have a Shirt and have worn them already. Team Captain Frank Baumann said: “We support this type of effort wherever we can. When the team was asked about Photo shoots we had more volunteers from the team than for any other event.”


What do you think about stories like this? Would you like more stories on what the Fans are doing? We have great coverage on the matches and the players but many times we overlook those that bring the passion to the matches. Let me know your thoughts.