Bilbao's Kit To be Used For Copa del Rey final (Europapress)

When stepping on to the pitch at Mestalla, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao will both have 24 conquests in the Copa del Rey. In an effort to begin the campaign to become once again the undisputed Cup King, the Basques presented an exclusive jersey that will be exclusive to the Copa final. Below the illustrations explains the teams participating in the match as well as the date.

Logo On Athletic Jersey For Copa Del Rey Final (

Based on your sources, Athletic has 23 or 24 titles. If one were to include the 1902 title, which waswon by Vizcaya FC (who would merge with Athletic Club and Bilbao FC to make what is now Athletic Bilbao). This is why Athletic jersey will have a special crest on their jersey as a symbol to claim that title. The jersey will be exactly the same one they have been using all season, but for this match the crest will have a black background with the present Copa Del Rey as well as the trophy that was won in 1902. There will also be five stars and two smaller trophies that symbolize the 24 trophies that the club wants to have recognized.

Press Conference

The symbolic and vindicating character of this jersey is very important for everyone,” said club official Carlos del Campo. That point of view ws not looked upon by various club members whose hopes were let down after the anticipation that was built by the club’s marketing campaign leading to the unveiling on Thursday.