It’s actually quite often that there are revolutions in football, it’s partly a biproduct or intentional outcome of the league system. If you look at the wider idea of competition it has both a destructive and constructive use: Breakdown is Breakthrough. So when one league progresses it is only natural that others will look over and see how they can move forward. For a while the MLS would look at other models and other sports. Now US Soccer finds itself in the opposite position: the envied. This isn’t a new sensation to many in the States, but for a guy who has come from EPL to MLS this was a particularly striking note in the ‘Smart Soccer’ launch.

Details are currently wide brushstrokish in their nature, so we’re hoping to add details to the ‘Smart Soccer’ idea as we learn them. Under their latest video adidas offer:

“Revolutions are born from simple ideas. Insights that become emotions. Desires that become innovations. Systems that unleash true potential.”

I fly to Philadelphia to join podcast host Earl Reed and the EPL Talk team in taking the All-Star game in. So soon enough we’ll see the details below the kit and learn more about what becoming smarter actually means.

For now, I can tell you that I’m excited but holding fire on the judgement. Recent experience has taught me that shooting from the hip might get hits but sometimes becoming smarter with the product means trying it out first. People have spent months and years developing this idea, for me to spend a few lines on it: well it almost doesn’t do the idea justice.

Here’s to making the writing smarter with the soccer.