Tips on how to watch the World Cup can always come in handy. Whether you are trying to map out your schedule for the monthlong tournament, or you just want to find out where to watch that day’s games, the World Cup takes up a lot of time whenever it rolls around.

Of course, the 2022 World Cup brings a new era to the tournament. In addition to the controversies and complaints regarding Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup, it is the first tournament outside the summer months.

Moreover, it is a tournament coming in the prime of the cord-cutting movement. Now, soccer fans in the United States use a myriad of platforms to watch leagues both domestic and abroad.

Fortunately, the World Cup does not have any exclusive games to wither streaming or traditional TV. Instead, the American broadcasters of the tournament provide options that suit the modern fan of the sport. Here is what that means come November and December of this year.

Tips on how to watch the World Cup

In the modern era, it is a mess when it comes to how to watch soccer in the United States. Fortunately, the World Cup is fairly straightforward. Here are some tips when it comes to watching the World Cup.

First off, if you do not want to subscribe to any service, you can watch almost all the games on free or over-the-air TV. Telemundo and FOX are the Spanish- and English-language homes of the World Cup. These channels only require an antenna connected to your TV to watch almost all the games.

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In terms of streaming, Peacock is perhaps the most valuable resource for the World Cup. The service, which many American soccer fans already have for the Premier League, will have the live broadcasts of all World Cup games. Of course, this is only in Spanish, but it is $4.99 per month for coverage of all World Cup games.