The sunrise to sunset soccer broadcast coverage on FOX this summer should be a treat for fans in the United States with the Copa America and Euro 2024. The two international tournaments are happening at the same time. Yet, kickoff times do not overlap. Therefore, FOX will have hours of coverage every day of the two competitions.

Now, we know who will be working in the booth for FOX this summer. Starting on July 14, there will be four teams responsible for calling games during the European Championship. That includes voices traditionally heard during league coverage in competitions like the Premier League, Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League.

FOX will not be using the same teams for the Copa America and European Championships. That would require immense strain on those voices, as there are multiple games between the two tournaments from June 15 through July 12. That said, FOX is also providing referee professionals to provide insight into controversial moments during the two tournaments. As this is a less demanding position than play-by-play or color commentary, those two former referees will be on standby for both competitions.

Broadcast teams for Euro 2024 and Copa America on FOX

For reference, those two referees are Dr. Joe Machnik and Mark Clattenburg. Both have worked with FOX at recent international tournaments to provide refereeing insight.

Broadcast duos for Euro 2024
  • Ian Darke and Landon Donovan
  • Derek Rae and Robert Green
  • Jacqui Oatley and Warren Barton
  • Darren Fletcher and Owen Hargreaves

Ian Darke and Landon Donovan will work as FOX’s leading broadcast team during the European Championship. The duo made their debut on FOX as match broadcasters during the World Cup in 2022. Now, they will headline FOX’s coverage teams during the Euros.

Derek Rae, Jacqui Oatley and Warren Barton featured during FOX’s World Cup coverage, too. However, Rae will be working Euro 2024 alongside Robert Green, a regular on CBS’s Champions League coverage, including the Final in 2024. Jacqui Oatley is one of the voices Premier League fans will be familiar with.

Both Darren Fletcher and Owen Hargreaves are making their debut as broadcasters in the United States. Having worked with TNT in the UK for its coverage of the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, Fletcher and Hargreaves have experience with top games.

Broadcast duos for Copa America
  • John Strong and Stu Holden
  • JP Dellacamera and Cobi Jones
  • Luis Omar Tapia and Maurice Edu

John Strong and Stu Holden have long been FOX’s go-to duo for soccer games. As a team, Strong and Holden have worked over 300 games together, making them the most consistent English-language TV duo of the last decade. They will be in charge of the biggest games during the Copa America. That includes games involving the USMNT and the later knockout stages.

JP Dellacamera and Cobi Jones are one of FOX’s other most dependable broadcasters. Dellacamera has been calling games in soccer for 40 years, and that includes FOX’s coverage of international tournaments.

Luis Omar Tapia joined FOX’s coverage crews earlier this year, but his experience is also extensive. Teaming up with Maurice Edu will allow him to feel some comfort, as Edu is a regular across multiple channels when it comes to soccer coverage.