Streaming services price comparison

We’ve created a streaming services price comparison that include the major players such as Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW as well as several streaming platforms that you may not be as familiar with.

When it comes to deciding which streaming service is best, pricing is important. But so too is the value you get for your money. Not every streaming service is the same, and the channels that each service offers vary greatly.

Streaming services price comparison

Let’s face it, the number of streaming options available is sometimes bewildering. That’s why we created the helpful pricing comparison of streaming services in United States below to make it easier for you to get the facts.

We’ve separated the different streaming services available into five different categories. Many of the streaming companies offer free trials (just click on the names below to take them for a test drive).

Streaming services price comparison

Last updated: June 18, 2019


B/R Live$10/mth    
Sling Latino$10/mth    
Sling World Sports$10/mth    
fubo Latino $24.99/mth   
FOX Soccer Match Pass $19.99/mth   
fubo Português $19.99/mth   
Sling Orange $25/mth   
Sling Blue $25/mth   
fuboTV   $54.99/mth 
Hulu Live   $44.99/mth 
DIRECTV NOW (Live A Little package)  $40/mth  
YouTube TV   $50/mth 
fubo Extra    $74.99/mth
PlayStation Vue (Access package)   $44.99/mth 
DIRECTV NOW (Todo y Mas package)   $45/mth 
PlayStation Vue (Core package)   $49.99/mth 
DIRECTV NOW (Just Right package)   $55/mth 
PlayStation Vue (Elite package)   $59.99/mth 
DIRECTV NOW (Go Big package)    $65/mth
DIRECTV NOW (Gotta Have It package)    $75/mth
PlayStation Vue (Ultra package)    $79.99/mth


Note: NBC Sports Gold is available for $49.99/season featuring exclusive Premier League games that are not televised in the US as well as additional shoulder programming not available on TV.


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