Arsenal’s history of selling their best players: A fan’s view

Arsenal’s transfer dealings are under incessant scrutiny almost year-round. Fans of the club and fans of football in general regard Arsenal as a club that hesitates to spend money.

They would seem to be correct based on the Gunner’s history in the transfer window. The 40 million and one pound bid for Luis Suarez in 2013 would suggest that all the scrutiny is fair.

Their history of selling their best players also provides football fans with all the more reason to criticize in suggesting to fans that the club does not believe in winning trophies.

Is this a just criticism?

If we consider the components necessary to win the Premier League, we should believe that it is indeed a just criticism. The most important component of a team is talent. If a team does not have the ability to win consistently, they will not last the course of 38 matches with the best record.

Arsenal has always been a club with good players and high expectations, but we should no longer regard them in this manner. Their history of selling the best talent suggests a closer examination of their true ambitions.

Arsenal Selling To Chelsea and Man City

Ashley Cole – At the time, the Englishman was one of the best left-backs in England. He was also only 25 years old—a player nearing the peak of his career. The decision to sell to a direct rival in Chelsea boggled the minds of Arsenal fans. Why did they sell him?  The reason for selling the player was to fund construction of the Emirate Stadium. Selling players does generate money and is a valid reason but not a valid reason to sell to a major rival.

Emmanuel Adebayor – Adebayor was the Gunners’ best scorer when he left in 2009. He was attempting to fill the shoes of Thierry Henry, a nearly impossible task. Even after playing well, however, that did not stop Arsenal cashing in on the striker. The departure to the Citizens happened amid anger and turmoil as it looked as though he wanted the move for more money. This deal was another calamity from Arsenal’s perspective with more strength going to one of their adversaries.

Samir Nasri – One of the side’s best players at the time of his sale. The Frenchman was coming off one of his best seasons with Arsenal, scoring 15 goals from his midfield position.

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