FA Cup rights in US could switch to streaming-only beginning in 2018/19 season

When it comes to the future of the FA Cup television and streaming rights in the United States, the FA’s slogan for this season’s FA Cup tournament, “Nothing is Certain,” is quite apt.

FOX Sports deal with the Football Association (FA) for rights to the FA Cup in the US market expires at the end of this season. The competition it can be strongly argued has failed to benefit from the surging popularity of the Premier League in the United States thanks in large measure to being stuck on FOX’s family of networks while the league itself has enjoyed a boom since moving from FOX Soccer to NBC Sports in 2013.

Our World Soccer Talk sources understand that worldwide media broker IMG is exploring the idea of selling the US rights to the competition to a pay streaming service. Whether it is Amazon’s Prime Video platform, BAMTech or the soon-to-be launched ESPN Plus (or some other entity such as Facebook), it’s unclear as talks are still continuing at this time. perhaps including Facebook who has recently shown interest in acquiring rights to air soccer matches.

Amazon could be interested given that they are filming a behind-the-scenes documentary about Manchester City this season to air to Prime subscribers at a future date. Acquiring rights to a soccer competition on top of the exclusive documentary would be an ideal complement and an important building block as it continues to slowly acquire more rights to stream world sports.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on Turner Sports to see if it tries to picks up the FA Cup rights for a minimal fee and add it to the soon-to-be-launched pay service that will include all UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches not aired live on TNT, TBS or TruTV. Close to 80% of matches in Europe’s two largest continental club competitions will be behind a paywall for US viewers beginning in the 2018-19 season.

A World Soccer Talk source indicated the FA is impressed by the scope of the English Football League’s (EFL) deal with BAMTech that includes rights to the Carabao Cup. BAMTech has sub-licensed the rights to Disney-owned ESPN who have streamed on average four EFL Championship matches per round on ESPN3 in the United States in addition to streaming on average six to eight early stage Carabao Cup matches per round on ESPN3. The deal also gives the flexibility to move bigger matches to a larger platform as recent games involving the likes of Arsenal, Bristol City, Chelsea and Manchester City have been moved to ESPN2 or ESPN Deportes.

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