Six potential Jose Mourinho jobs that nobody’s talking about


The other shoe has dropped and the formally regarded “Special One” has been let go; or, technically, mutually parted ways with. Speculation is already buzzing about his next position and without a doubt the man, despite being hard to work with, will have tons of currency thrown at him to be a manager at a well-regarded, very rich club.

However, limiting our speculation of Mourinho’s next move to the usual suspects does a disservice to the man’s talents. After all, he has a wide range of abilities that transcend simply being the next manager at Manchester United or finally managing the Portuguese national team. Instead, what about some of these positions which would put his talents to good use in improving soccer , and, dare I say it, maybe even the world?

Manager, Italian National Team

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While Antonio Conte (for now) has support (for now) for his good work (for now) with this traditional European power, at some point that support will wain, or another scandal could break. Mourinho probably could not get another club job in Italy, but why not the national team? Imagine the tons of stories written about the drama Mourinho would bring to a side that seems to have drama define it at every tournament. He speaks Italian and knows the Italian press already, so the stage is set for the world’s best reality show around Italy at the 2018 World Cup.

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It is no secret that Arsene Wenger and Mourinho have a “frosty” relationship. Without a managerial job, how can The Special One continue to antagonize his French rival? Simple: suit up as the Arsenal mascot every home game. He could linger about the team bench, reacting to every Wenger outburst, exaggerting emotion. He would have to be subtle so as not to be seen subverting the club paying him, but being around Wenger at all times would ultimately drive the Arsenal manager mad.

Head coach, New York Red Bull

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Firing successful managers and replacing them worked out well last year, so why not try it again? Plus Mourinho has a track record of bringing titles to clubs in his first two years.

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The next Doctor Who


He’s got enough personality to boost a show whose ratings have been less than stellar the past year. We know he can act, and he can carry an audience when in front of a camera. His companion may have to be a man because he does not work well with women in England, but that’s been done before. After great ratings and acclaim for two years, if he does the inevitable third year alienation of his fans and employers, he can just be regenerated without any issue.

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