For those times when you’re bored and you end up watching the pre-game, half-time or post-match soccer analysis on FOX Sports, we have a solution to make their analysis more enjoyable — a drinking game.

For readers 21 and older, print out the Warren Barton bingo card below. And every time Warren Barton mentions one of his choice words, have a shot or drink of your favorite beverage.

By the time the second half kicks off, you’ll be three sheets to the wind. Trust us!

There are also a few bonus squares (see below). Have a drink whenever Barton mentions Newcastle, or laughs too hard at a joke that Eric Wynalda or Alexi Lalas makes.

Given FOX Sports’ propensity for mediocrity, the good news is that Warren Barton will continue to be around FOX Sports for a long time, which means that you can use the drinking game over and over again by yourself or with your friends for years to come.

Please drink responsibly!