New research shows that EA’s FIFA soccer game is a “gateway drug” to attract new soccer fans in the United States according to data released by EA Sports.

Not only is the video game loved and played by soccer fans both young and old, but it proves to be an ideal way to introduce sports fans to the passion of the beautiful game, so they can see on television how these footballers play in real life (as well as hopefully encouraging fans to go see these players in person).

After playing FIFA, 50% of gamers are more interested in professional soccer.

While the infographic is skewed to MLS (probably due to MLS’s close involvement with EA during the past 12 months), we’d be interested to see what the overall data is regarding which teams FIFA gamers play the most. If it’s anything like the online version of the game, it’s probably Real Madrid number one and Barcelona number two.

Take a look at the stats and feel free to share your interesting observations in the comments section below.

Click on the image below, and then click it again for a larger view in order to be able to read the data.

H/T Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing

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