Referee Dropped From Next Weekend’s Premier League Matches After Newcastle Controversy

Referee Mike Jones, who was at the center of the controversy regarding the disallowed goal by Newcastle United’s Cheick Tiote yesterday against Manchester City, has been dropped from this upcoming weekend’s Premier League matches.

Jones refereed the match between Newcastle and Manchester City, but incorrectly made the decision to disallow Tiote’s goal after discussion with the assistant referee. Jones thought that the shot had been deflected, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew told the media, but match replays showed that the goal should have stood.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been reminded of his responsibilities by The FA for his outburst against Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini, but Pardew will not be fined or banned as a result of the incident. Pardew apologized to Pellegrini yesterday.

Despite Jones being punished for a human mistake, the controversy has raised questions about the offside rule in soccer and whether it should be abolished or simplified since match officials are being asked to do more than ever before in terms of determining whether players are interfering with play when in an offside position or not.

What’s your opinion? Should the offside rule in soccer be changed, or is it fine the way it is? Have your say in the comments section below.

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