Manchester United Must Address The Issue Of CEO Ed Woodward Before Next Transfer Window

While David Moyes, his staff and the handful of healthy Manchester United players begin preparing for a trip to Stamford Bridge this Sunday, club officials should be preparing themselves for a very important transfer window in the summer.

With almost two weeks gone from the current transfer window, the realization that the numerous deficiencies within United’s squad won’t be solved within the January market has finally started to settle in the minds of some of Manchester United’s more disgruntled fans.

Of course, most people in and around the club realized this well before the opening of the January window.

But there is something Manchester United officials need to address prior to the club’s next journey into the summer transfer period. Behind the scenes, United need to address the position of Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward.

The 2014 summer transfer window will not solve all of Manchester United’s problems, but it is the first major step in establishing the club during the post-Alex Ferguson era. Especially since club officials thoroughly embarrassed themselves (and Manchester United’s image) during the summer of 2013 with their misguided endeavors.

An issue needs to be tackled before Manchester United can continue writing this important chapter in their club’s history.

— Is Ed Woodward qualified to continue being the person who is in charge of player transfers at Manchester United?

The answer is no; he is not qualified to direct the club’s transfer process and prior to last summer he had no experience with player transfers.

Last season, just two months after leaving his position as the head of Manchester United’s massively successful commercial team, Woodward was appointed to succeed former club CEO David Gill by the Glazer family.

The majority of experts would tell you that the commercial side of football is very different from player transfers. But most people involved at a club’s commercial end think the football side is easy because they [commercial employees] only have to worry about selling a winning club to professionals who want to attach their business’ name to a successful sports brand with loyal fan base.

The hard truth is Ed Woodward is unfit to handle player transfers for Manchester United (or for any club).

At best he is a novice.

This is the same person who said in May 2013:

“We have a young squad, each now a year older. We’re very comfortable with the make-up of team and squad.

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