Gibraltar Have Been Confirmed As 54th Member Nation of UEFA: The Daily EPL

Against the wishes of Spain, Gibraltar today have been confirmed as the 54th member nation of UEFA.

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located on the tip of Spain. The population of 30,000 residents have twice rejected proposals for Spanish sovereignty, and remain closely tied with Great Britain.

What this means for the other UEFA countries is that there’ll be another team competing in future qualification matches for the European Championship tournament. They’ll be eligible to compete in the qualifying stages for the European Championship in 2016. Plus their club sides will also be allowed to compete in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

While it’s excellent news for Gibraltar, it’s a sign that UEFA needs to rethink their qualification process for major tournaments. There desperately needs to be a pre-qualification round where the minnows play each other to determine who will move on to the Euro 2016 qualification matches.

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