Tip for Supporters of Premier League Clubs Who Love Listening to Commentaries

You may have missed the news, but recently talkSPORT this season has been broadcasting live commentaries of every single Premier League match to listeners outside Europe.

talkSPORT has aggressively expanded their coverage. But one of the new facets of their live commentaries, which is incredibly useful, is the ability to listen to their commentaries directly via Twitter.

As seen in the above screenshot, just by clicking the ‘View Media’ button, you can listen to a commentary that’s in your Twitter feed.

To see the tweets, be sure to follow @talkSPORTLive. Or you can listen to the commentaries directly via the TalkSport website at TalkSport.com

The quality of the commentaries aren’t as good as they could be. This isn’t Martin Tyler or Gary Neville. But it’s a useful resource depending on how you listen to matches online.


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