Fantasy Premier League Tips: Update Your Team Before Today’s Deadline

Don’t forget that this afternoon (or evening, depending on what part of the world you live in) starts a new gameweek. Gameweek 14, to be exact, with all 20 Premier League teams playing over the next 48 hours.

Here are some FPL tips to help you with your decision-making:

Gameweek 13:

The funny thing about Ryan Shawcross: The recent England v. Sweden friendly was all about Zlatan Ibrahimovich: his goals, his skill, his aura of unrelenting f**kyouness. Most fans forgot about England debutant Ryan Shawcross (5.2), and rightly so. Shawcross was awful — awful in ways I am still coming to terms with — and I hope as fervently as any England fan is capable of hoping that he never plays for the Three Lions again. But my fantasy team? Now that’s another matter entirely. Shawcross has accumulated 17 points in his last three games and is a cheap, solid fantasy option.

Van Persie’s drought: A prolific striker only has to go one or two games without scoring before his lack of goals becomes A Major Premier League Talking Point, and only another three or four matches before the talking point becomes a drought. And once a striker of Robin van Persie’ (13.7)’s caliber enters a drought…well, just look at Fernando Torres (9.5).

West Brom’s attack: By my count, three different strikers scored for West Brom on Saturday afternoon. Two years ago, West Brom was a yo-yo club for whom heartbreaking final day relegations were such regular occurrences that they had actually ceased to be heartbreaking. Back then, a four-goal away haul would have been cause for celebration. Not any more. Not under Steve “He’s Finally Got His Own Pulpit” Clarke. This is what the new, streamlined WBA does: it wins. Shane Long (6.2) and company won’t qualify for the Champions League, but wouldn’t it be just so…so perfect if they did.

A new manager for Queens Park Rangers: QPR looked good. Not great, but good – good enough to stay in the Premier League. But don’t get too excited. I think it’s safe to assume that most of you aren’t exactly salivating over Jamie Mackie’s (5.1) low price tag, but I still think it’s important to get this out there: Harry Redknapp isn’t a magician, and Adel Taarabt (5.5) is more trouble than he’s worth. QPR is still one of the worst teams in the league. Don’t sign Stephane M’bia (4.9).

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