If Fabio Capello is in the mood to talk players out of international retirement as seems to be the case with Jamie Carragher, perhaps the Italian could go around to Paul Scholes house for a cappuccino and one of those nice little almond biscuits and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Ask him to go to South Africa in England’s 23.

Scholes is 35 and incapable of playing a whole tournament, we all know that, but he could quite easily be a significant substitute or good for an opening 60 minutes.

We do not have a player who does what Scholes does as well as Scholes does it.

Ok, so we know for some reason he is incapable of tackling but his vision for a pass and his experience and comfort on the ball would be ideal for England in this World Cup. Too many English players are prone to panic when the heat is on; too prone to kick it long. Scholes is old enough and wise enough to put his foot on the ball slow play down and dictate play more. He’s probably better than ever at doing this in his advanced years.

Add to that his habit of getting into the box unmarked with impeccably timed runs and you’re looking at a significant addition to the England squad. With an under-performing Garry Barry possibly out or not fully fit, we need cover in central midfield. Carrick has been picked by Capello for that central midfield pass and move role but Carrick has had an ordinary season and simply isn’t in Scholes’ class.

We don’t need him to play in every game. It’s not even as though it will be hot and sunny for the wee fair-skinned ginger fella. I remember in the heat of 2002’s World Cup in Japorea he looked like an iridescent pink thing that was about to spontaneously combust with there hat. It will be familiar cool, rainy Manchester style weather.

Even at 35 Scholes is still one of England’s best at his trade. Why take a player like Carrick who isn’t as good? It wouldn’t be much of a commitment for him. It’s not like he’s expected to play in every game for United next season. So come on Fabio, go ginger. You know it makes sense.