Big Changes At EPL Talk and MLS Talk

epl-talk-medium-logoIt’s with great pleasure to announce spectacular news today, and that is Kartik Krishnaiyer, the host of the EPL Talk and MLS Talk Podcasts, as well as writer for both sites, has been appointed Public Relations Director for the North American Soccer League (NASL).

As a result of the full-time position, Krishnaiyer will be stepping down as the host of both podcasts. However, he will be a guest on some future EPL Talk episodes and will return to writing for EPL Talk once the World Cup tournament kicks off this summer.

Due to his position as PR Director at the NASL, Krishnaiyer will not be writing for MLS Talk for the foreseeable future due to the obvious conflict of interest.

Krishnaiyer’s appointment as PR Director is testament to the hard work and dedication he has given to the coverage of the sport in this country as well as the connections he has made since joining the EPL Talk Network in 2006.

While it’ll be sad to see Krishnaiyer move on, I’m very pleased to announce that his replacement as host of the EPL Talk and MLS Talk Podcasts, as well as contributing writer for both sites, will be Richard Farley, an accomplished writer and podcaster who is extremely well versed on world football.

Farley has previously written and appeared on websites such as Set Piece Analysts, World Soccer DigestWorld Soccer Reader and has hosted several podcasts including Set Piece Analysts, Inside The Six and Russian Football Now.

We have no doubt that Farley, being a scholar of the game, will be warmly welcomed by both the EPL Talk and MLS Talk readers. His understanding of the tactics of the game is exemplary, and I am personally looking forward to his contributions to both podcasts and sites.

Between now and the end of the month, Krishnaiyer will continue hosting the EPL Talk Podcast and will then officially hand over the reins to Farley on February 1, 2010.

Please join me in welcoming Richard Farley to the network and congratulating Kartik Krishnaiyer on his well-deserved appointment as the NASL PR Director.

NASL released a press release today to announce the news.


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