Well if precedent has taught us anything, this upcoming round of the Champions League is usually the most exciting and action-packed. There is a possibilty of seeing yet another Chelsea-Barcelona matchup in the works or Real Madrid- Manchester United or Bayern Munich emerge from the draw.

Barca would like to see themselves face off against the seven-time French champs or face their rivals in the 2006 Champions League finals.  Inter is always a contender domestically but they have never been able to get over the hump and get to the promised land.

Let’s look real quick at the Spaniards’ scenarios.

Barcelona- Chelsea, Inter, Lyon, Arsenal

Real Madrid- Roma, Panathinaikos, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich,  Porto

Villarreal- Roma, Panathinaikos, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Porto, Juventus

Atlético-  Roma, Panathinaikos, Bayern Munich, Porto, Juventus