July is definitely the calm before the storm in English football. Next month the transfer window opens. Plus we’ll experience the start of a brand-new season, which I’m definitely excited about. But even in the calm of July, there’s still plenty of news floating around from EPL Talk and its network of sites.Over at Major League Soccer Talk, Kartik Krishnaiyer is covering SuperLiga and will be posting updates to the site after each match ends. Kartik has also recorded two previews of SuperLiga for the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast
, so those are definitely required listening if you want to learn more about the tournament between U.S. and Mexican clubs.If you enjoy German football, be sure to head on over to Bundesliga Talk where expert Mark Moll profiles the new manager at Bayern Munich, Jurgen Klinsmann. Every Thursday, Moll will be writing about the new managers who are in charge of Bundesliga clubs.Over at Championship Talk, writer Shakira Graham has been preparing you for the new season by profiling two different Championship clubs
each day as well as reporting on what transfers have come in and out of the league clubs. Graham also features the preseason friendlies for Championship sides.Lonnie Smetana at Champions League Talk has been busy writing about the top stories in Europe including UEFA’s discussion of renaming the UEFA Cup to the Europa League, the latest transfer signings in Europe
, and the latest match fixing scandal in Italy.At World Cup Buzz, Kartik Krishnaiyer writes about how Costa Rica sacked coach Hernan Medford
, while Kevin Walker at Serie A Talk has pictures of the new Juventus kit.Closer to home at EPL Talk, watch out for a major announcement next week
. As fans of English football, it’ll definitely be something you’ll enjoy. That’s all I can say about it right now.And lastly, if you enjoy the news and analysis from EPL Talk but you crave more, be sure to subscribe to the EPL Talk feed at FriendFeed. The feed is updated whenever there’s new content on EPL Talk or any of the sites in the network.Plus, importantly, it lets you know when I’ve shared a news story with you from EPL Talk’s Google Reader account. During the past 30 days, I’ve read 16,287 articles and shared 299 stories
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