Tottenham Hotspur looks likely to announce within the next month that they’ll be building a brand new stadium next to their current White Hart Lane home. The new 50,000 seater ground will be open by 2012 and will most probably feature a corporate name rather than the hallowed White Hart Lane moniker.

That’s according to The Daily Mail who are reporting that the design of the new ground looks almost identical to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. The new ground will cost approximately £300 million to build.

Speculation about Tottenham moving from White Hart Lane has been in the news for the past few years, but the reality is that Spurs has a massive fan base that’s willing to spend a lot of money on tickets. As a business, Tottenham Hotspur needs to move into a larger stadium to compete against the top four clubs in England.

Here’s an aerial view of the current White Hart Lane, which is sandwiched between a school, homes and businesses.