Today, the biggest day of the Premiership season, sums up my biggest criticism of Fox Soccer Channel. Yes, I love the channel just as much as you do, but it doesn’t cater to the soccer fan who wants to experience the EPL in real-time.

Right now, between 10am and Noon, the fate of Birmingham and Portsmouth hangs in the balance (and, as a result, West Brom). Liverpool, meanwhile, aim to tie it up with Man United for 2nd place. If you’re watching Fox Soccer Channel, you’re in a vacuum and would have to wait until 3pm ET to watch the Wigan v Portsmouth match (the final result would be revealed on FSC at 5pm ET — five hours after the match finishes).

Of course, if you watch the Premiership via Fox Soccer Channel on Tivo later in the day, then this doesn’t affect you.

But for those fans, like myself, who follow the game live (whenever possible), the best solution is the internet.

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